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When I created the avaElongated Scarf a few weeks ago I immediately started making plans for a companion hat. This stitch pattern is elegant and easy to work up so it is a total win. In fact, the pattern would be a perfect way for new knitter’s to venture into the world of eyelet/lace patterns. The avaElongated Hat has a beautiful seed stitch brim and a slight medium slouch. I will be creating beanie and tam versions of this hat some time in the future.

<Beanie, Tam, Slouch & Tighter Brim Modification details available here>

This is pattern #9 of the 14 free weekly patterns I’m posting through December.
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avaElongated Hat

Yarn: Naturally Caron – Country, 1 skein
Gauge: 5sts & 7 rows per inch
Needles: Size 6 circular & size 6 double-pointed

ssk: sl1 knit-wise, sl1 knit-wise, slip these 2 sts back to left needle & knit together through back loop.
K2tog: knit next 2 sts together

Cast On 108 sts and join to work in the round

Row 1: *k1, p1* to end
Row 2: *p1, k1* to end

Repeat these 2 rows 2 more times (total of 6 seed stitch rows)

Eyelet Pattern:

Row 1: *yo, k10, k2tog* to end
Row 2 (and all even rows): K all sts
Row 3: *k1, yo, k9, k2tog* to end
Row 5: *k2, yo, k8, k2tog* to end
Row 7: *k3, yo, k7, k2tog* to end
Row 9: *k4, yo, k6, k2tog* to end
Row 11: *k5, yo, k5, k2tog* to end
Row 13: *k6, yo, k4, k2tog* to end
Row 15: *k7, yo, k3, k2tog* to end
Row 17: *k8, yo, k2, k2tog* to end
Row 19: *k9, yo, k1, k2tog* to end
Row 21: *k10, yo, k2tog* to end
Row 23: *ssk, k10, yo* to end
Row 25: *ssk, k9, yo, k1* to end
Row 27: *ssk, k8, yo, k2* to end
Row 29: *ssk, k7, yo, k3* to end
Row 31: *ssk, k6, yo, k4* to end
Row 33: *ssk, k5, yo, k5* to end
Row 35: *ssk, k4, yo, k6* to end
Row 37: *ssk, k3, yo, k7* to end
Row 39: *ssk, k2, yo, k8* to end
Row 41: *ssk, k1, yo, k9* to end
Row 43: *ssk, yo, k10* to end
Row 44: knit all sts


Row 1: *k10, k2tog* to end
Row 2: *yo, k9, k2tog* to end
Row 3: k all sts
Row 4: *k1, yo, k8, k2tog* to end
Row 5: *k9, k2tog* to end
Row 6: *k2, yo, k6, k2tog* to end
Row 7: k all sts
Row 8: *k3, yo, k5, k2tog* to end
Row 9: *k8, k2tog* to end
Row 10: *k4, yo, k3, k2tog* to end
Row 11: *k7, k2tog* to end
Row 12: *k5, yo, k1, k2tog* to end
Row 13: *k2, k2tog* to end
Row 14: k all sts
Row 15: *k1, k2tog* to end
Row 16: k all sts
Row 17: *k2tog* to end
Row 18: *k2tog* to end

Cut yarn, weave through live stitches and pull to close. Weave in ends.

You may use this pattern to create items for your own personal use but may not create items for sale
nor shall you include said pattern in a kit for sale, without the designer’s permission. Thank you!

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  1. Nancy says:

    The pattern looks really great. Can’t wait to start on it.

  2. Lauren says:

    I love this pattern! Great design! I am currently on the decrease, I just K10, K2tog to end. This worked out for me however, for the second row: yo, K10, K2tog to end it is not coming out right. I have (3 or 4) stitches left over. Do you know if there is something I could be doing wrong or is there a mistake in the pattern there? I have taken this apart and put it back to together and i still have this problem. I would appreciate your input as I would love to have this hat and can’t wait to wear it! Thank you!

  3. Lauren says:

    Wonderful! Thank you :)

  4. Andrea says:

    Hello! Has the correction been made in the pattern yet? I want to knit this… so excited! Thanks for sharing all your patterns.

  5. Stephanie says:


    Just wondering what the difference between this pattern and a beanie pattern would be. Am about to knit it for my sister and wondering how this hat fits – in the raverly.com photos it looks a little short on the head – like it doesn’t come to the ears.

    It’s such a gorgeous pattern I can’t wait!

    Thank you!

    • jenny says:

      Stephanie –

      Thanks so much! I am actually working on a post that will give an option for a beanie & tam versions of this hat. This version of the pattern is long enough that it fits down over the ears but it’s a little wider at the brim than a beanie would be (doesn’t fit as tight around the bottom). If you want a tighter fitting brim you will need to cast on fewer stitches and then add a row between the seed stitch & the eyelet pattern with increases to put the stitch count back up at the pattern cast-on number of stitches (108sts). I will be posting this evening with the details of this and other options for this hat. Hope that helps!


  6. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful pattern and I fully appreciate the work and time you’ve put into designing and posting! Thanks!

    Look forwards to tonight’s post!